Outdoor Giant Air Supported Construction​

Giant Outdoor Air Supported Construction​


Item : Air Supported Construction​
Size :  custom
Material :  PVC 
Color :  White 
Accessories :  Blower 
Shipping Way :  By sea ,air, etc
Lead Time:  About 35-40days


A fully air-supported structure can be intended to be a temporary or semi-temporary facility or permanent, whereas a structure with only an air-supported roof can be built as a permanent building.

Air supported building is the best solution for covering sports areas in terms of energy efficiency and environmental protection. air-supported structure is designed for different types of professional and sport,recreational sports throughout the year, adapting to any climatic conditions.

Giant outdoor air supported construction,The use of air supported construction includes: Sports facilities,Commercial facilities,Industrial facilities, Cultural facilities and so on; Air-supported structure have many advantages: The construction cost is low, Construction period is shorter , Has an oversized building space spa,Safety, environmental protection and energy saving etc


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