Movable Negative Pressure Clean Room Isolation Systems for Emergency Use

Movable Negative Pressure Clean Room Isolation Systems

Material : PVC Tarpaulin Or oxford cloth
Color : White and blue or custom
Size : 15m x 7.5m x 3.75m or custom
Accessories : Blower
MOQ:  10pc
Shipping way : By sea, by air, and by express is optional
Usage : For outdoor 



Negative pressure isolation system is designed to provide medical staff a safe methods to isolate contaminated patients and even transport them from one location to another so as to isolate victims and protect first responders. Highly portable and rapidly deployable infection control systems can be provided. The systems are scaleable and can also be user configured as positive pressure rooms for immune deficient patients. The isolation systems can be deployed indoors or outdoors on virtually any level substrate.

Negative Pressure Isolation System includes 3 components: a Filtration System that maintains negative pressure within the shelter, an Alarm System that monitors pressure and signals a loss of pressure, and a shelter partition for creating an Anteroom entrance to the isolation area.


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